Agile Programming

In this two day training course you will learn how to build software as a team by following the Agile principles. The Agile principles are designed to help a team focus on priorties and ship high quality, working products. This course brings together ideas from various Agile methodologies to provide an overview of how to embed agility into your team.

2 Days


By participating in the nsquared Agile Programming course, you will learn the foundation of how Agile development practices can be employed to help a team stay on target and deliver products that customers desire. In this course you will learn about different Agile methodologies and what each methodology offers to support the delivery of high quality software.

You will find this course to be succinct, yet comprehensive covering the principles and practices of Agile development.

The course includes hands on workshops for each attendee to understand how to apply the practices in the workplace.


  • Introduction to Agile and the principles
  • The importance of people
  • Project plans
  • How SCRUM provides agility
  • The LEAN approach
  • Rapid Application Development lifecycles
  • eXtreme Programming practices
  • Staying on target
  • Tracking
  • Roles and responsiblities
  • Iterating on the process

Course Format

This course will consist of:

  • Content presentation
  • Hands on workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • 1:1 support

What you will gain

The course will provide each participant with a training manual to take away with them.

After completing this course, you will have gained the skills to:

  • Plan an Agile project
  • Run an Agile project
  • Support continous improvement
  • Consider software architecture in an Agile manner
  • Work with a team to deliver working software
  • Work with a customer to understand how to deliver value


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